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  • 1967-1975
    Worked as the artist-designer, executing on own architectural projects of decorating of the public buildings of Moscow, among which:
          cafe "Pole" - mosaic;
          cafe "Southern" - sculptural decorum of an interior;
          cafe "Leipzig" - mosaic;
          cafe "Aroma" - mosaic and stamping;
          cafe "A Dark Blue Bird" - mosaic and painting;
          cafe on Prechistenka street - wall list.
  • 1990
    Personal exhibition in an exhibition hall "Spark"
    Lyubertsy, Russia
  • 1993
    Group exhibition ARTRUSSE
    Nogent sur Marne, France
  • 1995
    Personal exhibition in gallery "Velasquez"
    Zutphen, Holland
  • 1997
    Anniversary 100-th exhibition of Museum lore, history and economy
    Lyubertsy, Russia
  • 1997
    Exhibition dedicated to 70-th anniversary of CRH (painting and decorative art)
    Lyubertsy, Russia
  • 1999
    Exhibition "Dead painting" in gallery "Vihino"
    Moscow, Russia